Latitud Go pricing for Brazilian companies

The more complex the process, the harder it is to answer a few questions. "How much will this cost me in the end?" is often one of them. And because early-stage founders can't really afford this kind of unpredictability, we wanna make crystal clear how much this will cost you in the end.

Sure, opening a three-layer offshore company is complex, but it doesn't mean it can't be accessible – so we made it 5x cheaper.

Here, we break down Latitud Go's entire pricing structure so you don't have any unpleasant surprises along the way.

Pricing breakdown


Note: Latitud doesn't make any profit out of Latitud Go – our goal is to help as many Latin American founders as possible to get started on the right foot. Our service fee helps us achieve that sustainably! It covers the costs behind building and improving the product, including 3rd party tools we use to enable it and, of course, the team. :)

Payment timeline

We broke down payments into a reasonable timeline so you don't have to front all of the costs at once.


What's the difference between Express and Standard?

If you're in a hurry, we can expedite your incorporation process at the Cayman level for an additional fee, included in the breakdown. The express incorporation will have your Cayman holding entity ready in 24 hours, making the entire process significantly shorter.

Are there any additional costs?

Not for the incorporation itself, but the structure incurs maintenance costs that are not included in this breakdown. These can add up to US$ 7,000/year and include some recurring fees such as government taxes, mandatory registered offices, and accounting services in your country, the US and the Cayman Islands.

When incorporating in Brazil, you will need a local address for the company – you can use your residential address, but note that the information will be made public. You'll have the option to hire BHub's virtual office service as your company address for R$49/mo in case you'd rather not be easily doxxeable, learn more about it here.

Other than that, you should plan for any legal fees not related to the formation process. Latitud Go offers a very robust legal structure for your setup, so you shouldn’t have any additional costs with law firms at first. However, you will need professional support later – for example, when raising a round. For that, we recommend reaching out to our legal partners and negotiating fees directly with them.

Got any questions? Reach out and we'll be happy to answer them!